About Us

Who We Are?

We are tech lover and we also love to teach about technology and android tips and tricks and we are doing this on this website, we produce so many articles related to android how to and also we are producing what is related articles on our website because we want people to know about how to do android tips and tricks.

How To: In this category, we launch articles related to android, tablet, and others OS, and we are trying to teach about those topics on this category, we are giving step by step guides about this topic on this How To category.

What Is: What is? our another category and this category we will teach about android applications like what is this application? what is the work of this app? basically we trying to know people about android applications.

Best Android Apps: This is one of the best category for android apps reviews and where you will find so many android softwares related articles, and those articles will help you to select the right softwares for your android or tablet phone.

Free Android Launchers: If you’re looking for the best launcher for your latest or old phone then here is the best place to select your best launcher for your android phone because in this particular category we share best and awesome colorful launchers for you and that’s why we recommending you to use this category.

Latest Updates: Get the most useful Bollywood, Hollywood and so many categories “latest updates” and news from here, and also, if you’re looking for getting the best tech, android, android apps, and etc news then also, stay with this category and read daily.

The Man Behind Of This Website!

“Olidur Rahman” is CEO of the “Techyeyes” website, and basically he loves tech and android related tips and tricks very much that’s why he opened this website to teach peoples about android.

I born in Bangladesh, Sylhet, Barlekha Upazila, and now I’m 18 years old and I’m a student in class “XII” and i love to do blogging and this is also the main reason to launch this blog, and also, I love to teach peoples related android, apps, games.

So this is the simple information related to me and more information will come very soon stay with us…

How I started?

I love technology so much,

I have been interested in technology since 2011 when im using Java mobile.

Yeah, Almost always I had a mobile in my hand, and then i found a website and i found it from my friend, and he said this is the best website where you can learn about android, Java, iPhone and so many operating systems related knowledge and then i first start using this website and this website called “TrickBD.com” and this is a Bangladeshi technology based website.

Basically, I learned a lot from there and then I didn’t think I would start blogging, but since 2017 i here about blogging, and then i realize that this is the best way to show my knowledge to everyone and then i started blogging in 2018 because i don’t know how to start a blog that’s why i didn’t start my blog at 2017.