How To Delete Your Kwai Account From Android Permanently?

Are you facing issue with using the Kwai app on your phone that’s why now you want to delete your kwai account from your android, so what is the issue with the kwai app? please tell me in the comment section.

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So now i will show you how to remove kwai account from android phone permanently with some steps, so to do this properly just follow my steps below.

Steps To Delete Your Kwai Account

  • Open your Kwai app from your mobile.
  • Then click on the “Profile Picture” then click on the “Settings” option from the menu.
  • Now it’s time to click on the “Feedback and Help” now at the bottom you will see an option appear called the “Delete My Account” option, so this is the option that will allow you to remove your kwai account from your phone.
  • Now you will see a forum type page where you need to select an option which means why you want to remove kwai account from your phone, so just click on the “Something Eles” option and describe some issue of the app.
  • Now click the “Delete My Account” and here you will get a last pop up working message to sure you want to delete your kwai account, so yeah we sure, that’s why just click on the “Got it” option and now click on the “I’m sure” and that’s set, now you completely removed your kwai account from your phone.

Basically, the account will remove completely when 72 hours complete, so just wait and see your account has been deleted from the kwai database.


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Bottom Line

So this is for today’s guys, and this is very simple to do, and if you got any problem when you removing the kwai app from your phone then just ask me in the comment section, that’s why I will give you the solution to your problem very soon.

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